Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So all this talk about fair and change. Well it has been rolling around in my head and got me thinking about the current situation in America ( the greatest country in the world). There is so much change going on and it brought me back to the How do we know if change is good or bad. It is a hard question to answer at times. But with all that is going on right now I can tell you that change is not going to be good. Look around people aren't happy about losing their jobs and their houses. But now they have to worry about losing their heath care too. Obama (the great) is focused on heath care reform in the middle of the great recession. Him and his Buddy's passed a stimulus package that did nothing for the Americans paying the bill. We are still losing our homes and jobs. And what do they call us when we stand up, They call us mobs and Nazis, Are we not to have an opinion on our life for our country.
What to do they focus on Heath care. Yes Heath care FREE heath care. WHO is going to pay for this wonderful free heath care. Somebody is because nothing is free not even FREEDOM. I am getting all worked up at this. Maybe I need to stand back take a breath. It is hard not to be angry, when you feel that the people running your beloved country are out to pass everything for their own selfish beliefs. I truly believe that they believe this is good but they have never had a real job in the real world. They really don't live like we do, they have never struggled to make a payment on some bill, or scrubbed dishes because it was the only job they could get. I am not saying that being a politician is not hard work but it is in no way the life style of the average American.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To be Fair or not to be fair

I keep hearing "that's not fair" or 'We have to be fair"
I wonder where this concept of life being fair came from. I see way too many adults uttering these words. Maybe I don't have to tell you this but life isn't fair it happens and it isn't always right or fair.
Now I agree that if we lived in an happy imaginary go lucky world everything should be fair and would be. But we live in the real world and nothing is fair. If you look from two different perspective. One side is always going to feel cheated, well maybe not always but mostly.
You know I believe that we have been very blessed to have been born in America the greatest country in the world. We have all be given a chance for greatness, a chance to succeed. No matter what state or city, color or race we are or were born in, we all can achieve what ever we dream. This stigma of fair will only drag you down. It is quite possibly one of the worst words in the whole english vocabulary among other four letter words.
It starts when your a kid and your parents tell you that you have to be fair. It is Innocent and your parents mean well but there the seed has been planted. All through life it grows like the weed that it is.