Wednesday, September 9, 2009

staying positive

Staying positive in such negative world is a hard thing to accomplish but it must be done to succeed. Everywhere you look you can find negative things it is almost hard not to. Watching t.v. reading the news papers, talking to friends or family. Why is it so easy to find these negative things. I think it because negativity is like a cold that is spread so easily. one person empties it out on to another and there the chain is born. You can break it though and choose to see the greatness of positive thinking.
It is true work to be positive and not let negativity in. I think it isn't so much about blocking the negatives out but more about flipping them into a positive.
Taking a bad situations and finding a good perspective on it isn't always easy we lazy by default. We want things to come to us naturally, and when we are in a bad situation we see that bad. It is sticking out like sore thumb. You have to open up your mind and get it working to see the good. Believe me there is good to be seen in all situations. Your tired busted, you didn't have jack and you were on the side of the road for an hour your whole day was ruined. Or Your tire bused and a complete stranger changed it for free and it only took any hour of your time. I really could go on all day with situations that can be turned into a more positive situation. The thing I am getting at is if you start looking for something positive in everything you do, you will be happier and everything will follow suit.
You will start to notice that everything around you it brighter, nicer, more fun and all around better. It is true that we see what we are looking for. Too many times have I heard This statement "nothing good ever happens to me" Of coarse with that attitude nothing good is going to happen. You have to be looking up and expecting good things for good things to happen. Then when something happens you will see the good in it because you were looking for it. If you wake up in the morning and say today is going to be a bad day, you know today is going to be a bad day. You know why...because you are looking for a bad day. ( I know no one really is looking for a bad day) But attitude is the key to happiness and success, among many other things.
A positive attitude can go far paired up with strong realistic goals, you could really do anything that your heart desired. Try it for a week ban the negativity out of you life. Every time you start thinking that way ask you self where is the good in this and you will find it. Then focus on it and taking with you. I know you are all going to have a great week.

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