Thursday, September 10, 2009

that time of year again

We all know what today is and what happen 8 short years ago. It is so hard for me to believe that 8 years have come and gone. I think back to that tragic day and tears come to my eyes, I know we all remember what we were doing when as we watched in horror at what was happening to our beloved nation. Where we were at every detail, somethings you never forget. In this case you shouldn't, remember how our nation came together in support, remember what we stand for and why we fight for these things. No one is the world deserves to dye like that. Put your political views to the side and you beliefs about peace and remember. I just feel like many of us have forgotten what happened to our country and have heard very little from the people that I interact with on a daily basis. I really thought people would of made a bigger deal out of it. I also seen very little on the Internet, This makes me so sad. When I think of that tragic day tears still come to my eyes. I think about all the families who lost someone and all people who are still hurting. I think about our nation and how our security was ripped from us. I do feel safer 8 years after the fact but there is always a tiny thought that it could happen again if we forget. I know many people disagree with the wars but in my mind I feel taking the battle to the terrorist was the best thing to protect our country and our lies not to mention the lives of many Innocent people around the world. Alot of people that I know that disagree with the war have sacrificed nothing. They hardly support our troops most less know anyone on serving in our military. It has been a struggle for my family as we are a military family. Long times away from one another and days go by where we do nothing but worry for them. In the end I say it is worth the cost of freedom and safety. Please remember this day not for the death that was caused but for the awakening in America, The time when we all came together to morn and to rebuild. When we all wore our flags proud, and stood up against evil to better our world, when we all believed freedom was worth fighting for. Thanks for listening to my rant. God bless America

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