Monday, July 6, 2009

I have been getting bogged down by the daily grind for sometime now. I Live by to-do list and believe I wouldn't get anything done with out them. However I feel like I am struggling to get these things done. Just dragging and there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to get it all accomplished. I don't know where the time goes. I know I am not the only on who feels this way and I hear often of people getting stuck in a rut.
I guess I am in a rut. Sometimes we need a new game plan, it doesn't mean we need to change our routines entirely but maybe just tweak them a bit. Figure out what is working and stick with it, even build off of it. Like for instance I find to do list to be helpful for me and eventually I will get them done. But I am just having a hard time moving from my rut and getting motivated. So I plan to change it up a bit by scheduling the to do list. I am putting a dead line and giving my self more structure.
Structure is needed when running any kind of business but even more so in the home base kind. It can sometimes be hard to break away from home life and separate it from work, when you never leave home. I have a plan, I have written down what I feel is working and what I feel isn't working. I don't believe I will just quit doing what isn't working. We have to ask our selves why something isn't working what can I do to make it work, how can I do it better? Self improvement is a never ending battle, it is part of life. Problem solving will not only improve yourself but you business as well.
Maybe your not in a rut, but feeling disappointed in business being slow,having relationship problems or like your time isn't efficiently being used. This game plan can work for too.
1.First evaluate your life, business, work , or relationships. Define the problem areas/ weakness. Figure how they can be improved or fixed. Point out the strengths and build on it. How can I make this even better for my situation.
2. Have a game plan. Take both list and write out a sentence or two on what you want to do and how you are going to do it for each area. It is similar to making goals. So also write out how you can tell if you are meeting your expectations.
3. Don't rush. Change takes time and you should go at it slowly so it will stick. Do not get disappointed because it isn't happening instantly for you.
4. re-evaluate and start back at step one often.

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