Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Setting Goals

When I want something I tend to have a tongue to mouth effect. I just blurt out I want it and never really give it a second thought on how I am going to get it. But when I did service work with the non-profit organization City Year I was actually taught how to make and achieve goals. Yes there is a formula out there.
I was taught about the S.M.A.R.T. goal. it is an acronym for
This is an amazing tool to making and planning goals. I have found it useful on several occasions.
So you start off being specific in your goal planning. First ask your self the five W's
(I am always a big fan of the 5 W's) what, when,where, why, who and how.

WHAT: What do I plan to accomplish, What is the purpose?
WHEN: When do I plan to accomplish it?
WHERE: Where is the place that is taking place?
WHY: Why do i want to achieve this goal, be specific, what will you get out of it, what are the benefits.
WHEN: When do I plan to reach this goal. What kind of time frame am I looking at.
HOW: How do I plan to reach what are the requirements and obstacles.


Now you have to make your goal measurable, you have to be able to track it to see if you are reaching you milestones. Set dates for certain parts of the goal to be reached by. When doing this step think how. How can I make this measurable, I suggest braking you goal up into three. Think How, How many, how long, and finally how will I know when I have reached one of my targeted achievements.


When you set goals you want them to be reachable and most every goal is. Using set by set planning will get you there. If you have a long term goal that seems like you may never reach it. Break it up into several smaller goals that in shorter amount of time will be attainable. Write the long term goal down on the top of the paper then list the shorter one under it. Of coarse use the Smart system. When we attain our goals. It empowers us and encourages us.


Now this is a hard one for me because I believe if you can dream it is a reality. I believe we are all the makers of our own destiny. There for any goal is realistic. So I say be truly honest with yourself, goals should be something that you are both willing and able to do. So I believe that if you have the will and you physical capable of doing it then it is a reality for you. Everything in life worth having takes work and lots of it. So if you set your goals high and work at them you will reach them. The mind is a powerful thing what you look for is what you'll find.


Not only as I mention above about having point of time where you can measure your goal but having an end date is very important for the mind. It crate a sense of urgency and perspective of where you want to be and when you expect to be there. "Someday" is not a date and it is hard to work toward "someday'. When you don't have a date you mind says "there is always tomorrow" I will tell you from past experience tomorrow never comes. When you set a date for completion you have began working the mind, you have set your unconscious mind into overdrive and it has already started thinking the hows and the when. When you place a time frame on your goal you have made it more measurable, more realistic, and in the end more attainable.

Setting goals is the best way to reach your dreams. I hope this formula helps you as much as it has me.

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